Company History

MMD Distribution was formed in 2008, specialising in selling premium mobile phone accessories and consumer electronics. Our network of niche retailers and wholesalers, allowed us to distribute our products through various European sales channels. Our product lines included phone, tablet and laptop protective cases, screen protectors, gear packs as well as other various other consumer electronics such as bluetooth audio devices, power adapters and mounts.

The business built it’s reputation on being first-to-market with the latest innovative products, which helped it establish a strong foothold in the market. MMD catered to a diverse clientele, ranging from from independent repair stores to online vendors as well as prestigious high-street retailers across Europe. Our primary focus was offering innovative accessories, designed to enhance and complement Apple’s product ecosystem. 

However, with significant changes in consumer patterns and recent disruptions in the flow of goods, MMD faced increasing challenges in sustaining a traditional style distribution model. Despite the scaling back of the business, MMD’s legacy lives on as customers across Europe continue to use and appreciate these products.

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